Top 3 Most Common Discarded Home Items

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Unlike food that comes with an expiration date on it telling you when to ditch them, many items in your home are used far longer than what you should. If you use them beyond their shelf life, it could end up harboring a bunch of bacteria that could be dangerous for your health and the health of your family. To help you understand when to discard certain items, take a look at these three items. A rubber wheel dumpster can help you clean your home up in no time.


Do you still have that bright red lipstick from years ago that you never wore? You need to dig into your make-up and see what you should hold onto and what you need to get rid of. Most of the time, a lipstick or lip gloss is only going to last about one to two years after the date of purchase. If you notice a foul smell coming from your lipstick, you need to toss it in a rubber wheel dumpster.


Since your toothbrush is constantly exposed to a bunch of moisture, they are a hotbed for bacteria. Old toothbrushes that have damaged bristles aren’t going to do their job like they should. Your toothbrush should be changed once every three months. When the bristles start fraying, you need to toss the brush into a Dumpster Service along with other common household items.

Non-Stick Cookware

Even though non-stick cookware might be great for cutting back on the amount of oil used, it also comes with a lot of controversy about the items. To get the best use from the cookware, you should use a wooden spatula to prevent scratches. Clean the pan using a soft scrubber. As soon as the coating starts to peel, toss the cookware in your Dumpster Service.


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