The Benefits of Rubber Wheel Dumpsters

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A lot of people, including homeowners doing renovation, and even some home builders involved in new home construction, are making the switch from the troublesome steel tubs of yesterday to the rubber wheel dumpster of the future.
A rubber wheel dumpster has several distinct advantages over their wheel-less, steel counterparts. The obvious of which is that they have wheels and a trailer hitch.

So, once filled, they can be hooked up to a truck and hauled away. Another advantage is that they do not damage your driveway like steel dumpsters. Steel dumpsters are heavy and must be dragged along by a conveyor to be hauled away. This action can inflict severe damage to your driveway.

Another advantage they have over their lumbering counterparts is that, in most cities, you do not have to have a building permit to secure one. In most case, your Dumpster Service provider can have you fixed up with one in the same day. And, you are not required to sign any long-term contracts—short-term services for as few as two days are available.

Unlike conventional dumpsters, a rubber wheel dumpster can be parked along the street or any other tight or compact area where space is a premium. This makes them perfect for small jobs or renovations that are expected to be completed in a relatively short period of time. Of course, your Dumpster Service dealer can provide you with a huge 10 or 15 cubic yard dumpster capable of handling any job you might be planning.

So, before you begin your next renovation project, investigate all the advantages that a rubber wheel dumpster can give you. All it takes is a trip, or phone call, to your local Dumpster Service dealer to find out what all the fuss is about. You’ll be glad you did.


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